Take walk downtown

Illness I´m sick and tired What´s the deal Big deal No doctor can save me I´m sick and tired of this world I have no friends Not a single one in this world I hope I get some in Heaven the place where I belong I hope I get a woman Gonna take a woman TakeFortsätt läsa ”Take walk downtown”

No wolves

Right , left Left, right Back and forward Forward and back Life is unpredictable I do not know what direction it takes when things are bad I do not know  what direction Life is short if God does not exist Why does not people care more for each other We are no wolves that seeksFortsätt läsa ”No wolves”

Hot rats

Rats in my apartment are like little devils in my soul They lick the toothpaste from my mouth while I´m sleeping I know I´v woke up sometimes affected by sleeping pills and could not do anything about it My soul want´s to get rid of these creeps and I myself want´s the rats killed inFortsätt läsa ”Hot rats”