Gangsters paradise

I´ve been fasten all the windows with tape I´ve been barring all the doors with hooks Yet the gangsters have been entering my apartment all the way in to my bedroom The only thing they´ve stole was my coupons for me to gamble the trot-races on. I hided them in my rucksack. The gangsters paradiseFortsätt läsa ”Gangsters paradise”

I´m gonna live

I´m gonna live my life into the eterniry without dying any way any day. They can´t kill me even though they want to. Sooner or later they will try. I´m protected by God and the angels and the aliens. They gonna get an explosion on their cheek from my left fist in an uppercut or severalFortsätt läsa ”I´m gonna live”

Face the evil

Face the evil. Face the darkness in it´s nature. Face the joke in the existence. Face the man who can break in into my apartment through the balcony-door though it seems to be impossible. He stole some drawings from me while I was a sleep tonite. I´m gonna seek revenge. I soon will have theFortsätt läsa ”Face the evil”


I wonder how things will work out for people who are spying my ordinary life when Harmageddon is over and Satan lost control over the world. I´m gonna live a new life without theese people. spreak perfect english and write down my experiences of this comedy-world in perfect english. The man with the white mustangFortsätt läsa ”Spies”